Infant Sleep Solution's goal is to provide an experienced infant care specialist to assist you and your family. Our infant care provider is specialized in singleton, multiples and preemies. Our infant care providers will establish a wonderful schedule and feeding routine to fit your family's needs. We realize that "sleep deprivation" cannot be good for new parents. Therefore, our mission is to aide new parents during their exciting, yet trying times. Infant Sleep Solutions was designed to meet the needs of parents and their new additions. We will provide educational skills in caring for your new infants..

Full List Of Services

Infant Sleep Training

Soothing Techniques

Nanny Placement Services

Feeding/Bottle Preparation


Cord-Circumcision Care

Infant Massaging

Support To Mothers

Initiate New Scheduling


Sterilizing Bottles

Burping Techniques- Swaddling



We love your client's and their infants. They love what we do for them.
  • Kristy Duncan
    I cannot recommend Infant Sleep Solutions enough for all new moms out there! Being a new mom can be tough and overwhelming, however with Infant Sleep Solution's guidance, I was able to get my baby boy sleeping through the night at 3 months! My head is finally clear again and I can enjoy our time together during the day. The biggest component is that they helped him get on a schedule that I can follow on my own. He is such a contented baby now that he is on a schedule. Infant Sleep Solution's genuine love for babies and passion for their job can be seen from the first time you meet them. They are always on time and take pride in their work. Thank you Infant Sleep Solutions! I look forward to baby #2!!
    Kristy Duncan
  • Hillary Wyche

    I used Infant Sleep Solutions for my second baby, 3x/wk for 4 weeks, starting when the baby was 6 weeks old. Infant Sleep Solutions was instrumental in getting my baby on a schedule; prior to Infant Sleep Solutions, the baby was eating and sleeping on demand. Infant Sleep Solutions got the baby on a set schedule and feeding/napping times became more predictable and steadier. They also helped immensely with the overnight feedings, which were happening all night, and I was having a tough time getting the baby to go back down after the night feedings. Infant Sleep Solutions provided guidance on teaching the baby to love the crib and learn to soothe herself and showed me how to make the baby comfortable for sleep. My baby now wakes only once per night, and that feeding is almost gone, and she also goes down very easily for naps and after the middle-of-night feeding. It's a world of difference!

    The people at Infant Sleep Solutions are pleasant and kind. They are extremely professional, always punctual (and often early). They called during the daytime to check on the baby's progress often throughout the 4 weeks. They are wonderful with babies, knowledgeable, organized, and instructive. I was sure I wouldn't need a nurse with my second baby, but honestly I wouldn't have survived without Infant Sleep Solution's help. I'd highly recommend her services to any expectant mother!

    Hillary Wyche
  • Shelly Brock
    “I would not hesitate to recommend this service – in fact, I encourage all moms to use it! My daughter is now 2 and has been sleeping through the night since she was 8 weeks old! I never had to call my pediatrician (or my mother!) with questions or for advice because I had someone there with me most nights to consult with who knew my baby almost as well as I did. They keep a log of activity during the night so I always knew what had happened and could see trends in my child's health, behavior, and routine. They were very caring and knowledgeable as well as dependable and professional. Your recovery will be much quicker, and you and your family will enjoy your baby so much more if you can get your sleep at night and get your baby on a healthy routine early!”She;;u
    Shelly Brock
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